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Rapid Response Facility

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CCG is part of the Rapid Response Facility (RRF) secretariat. This facility supports COP26 Energy Transition Council (ETC) which aims to accelerate the global transition to clean power.

The Rapid Response Facility (RRF) acts on requests for technical assistance coming from country dialogues between the British High Commission, local government officials, and representatives of key energy institutions in developing countries, as well as relevant international organizations. It consists of a central unit (the ‘Hub’) providing strategic advisory and coordination support, alongside a number of international institutional partners (the ‘Spokes’) with the capacity to deliver against the requests.

Experts from the Climate Compatible Growth (CCG) programme make up part of the secretariat for the RRF hub and provide input in reviewing and iterating asks coming from the ETC country dialogues. CCG also acts as a spoke to offer modelling and domain expertise to relevant requests for technical assistance.

The first RRF-Coordination Group meeting was held at the end of May, bringing together around twenty spokes to discuss expressions of interest that were submitted in response to first requests from four developing countries. The response from the international community has been very strong, with multiple partners able to respond to the key asks. The output of the meeting was an indication on which RRF partners (often in a consortium) will work directly with governments to provide the requested assistance. Initial results of the RRF and progress made so far will be presented at the next Ministerial meeting scheduled for July.

You can read more about the launch of the RRF here and ETC here.