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Dr Pooya Hoseinpoori profile photo

Dr Pooya Hoseinpoori

Researcher in energy system modelling and system design

Imperial College London

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Pooya is a researcher at the Sustainable Gas Institute at Imperial College London. Her research focuses on using mathematical optimization and whole system modelling approaches for infrastructure planning, supply chain modelling, and studying the implication of climate change mitigation and development targets on the energy system transition. Pooya is part of the System Design Workstream (WS3) at CCG. She leads the IRENA FlexTool modelling and training and is also part of the National Partnership teams in Viet Nam and Kenya. Pooya completed her PhD at the Centre for Environmental Policy and Centre for Process Systems Engineering at Imperial College London. In her PhD she developed a whole-system modelling tool for the coordinated operation and investment planning of electricity and gas grids and analysing different transition pathways for decarbonising heating.