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Demand led-research, Data-driven, Informing policy change, Supporting credible investment proposals, Empowering the global south

Climate Compatible Growth

CCG is a £38m UK Aid-funded project which aims to support investment in sustainable energy and transport systems to meet development priorities in the Global South. The programme brings together some of the UK’s leading universities including UCL, Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College and the Open University, with the Centre for Global Equality, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sustain 2030, and Climate Parliament. It is directed from the Centre for Sustainable Transitions: Energy, Environment, and Resilience (STEER), at Loughborough University. Our team includes experts in practical, applicable research in sustainable development and related topics.

We are currently active in Kenya, Zambia, Ghana, Vietnam, Lao PDR and India.  We are always interested to explore other potential collaborations with representatives of Low- to Middle-Income countries (LMICs).

In just two years, we have achieved credibility with UK and international governments, with the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, IEA, IAEA and numerous other leading organisations.  This is because of our unique approach and our ethos.  

Put simply, we support developing countries in the Global South to create investment cases that will attract vital climate finance and funding for their clean energy infrastructure plans. 

Our strategy is one of partnership, collaboration and empowerment.  This means that we work with countries, empowering them to make their own decisions on energy policy and the infrastructure projects for which they wish to attract climate finance investment.  In our model, we always work with a university partner in-country and establish a local team of CCG co-ordinators.  We empower countries by developing skills in energy modelling and analysis locally, to sustain this for the future.

Our research is demand-led and practically orientated to help provide solutions to the economic and environmental challenges faced by developing countries. We believe that our approach is unique.

To discuss a potential partnership or a related issue, please email