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National Partnerships

Climate Compatible Growth is demand driven. To understand that demand we are developing national partnerships, so that the needs of partner countries can be embedded into CCG research.

The National Partnerships team is led by the Centre for Global Equality. By promoting shared interests and having an appropriate in-country presence, effective collaborations that are based on the country requirements can be established to deliver impacts that fit the needs of said countries.

The objectives of the National Partnership’s activities are:

  • To champion effective collaborations between CCG and in-country researchers to address country-level data gaps and data quality, and shape CCG tools towards country priorities.
  • Implementation of CCG research and tools by country decision-makers through integration into policy and development of finance-ready proposals.

Currently there are two established CCG Country Networks (Kenya and Lao PDR) and work taking place to establish relationships with other countries (Zambia and Viet Nam). The Country Networks are made up of Special Interest Groups (SIGs), which are groups of researchers and practictioners interested in particular areas relevant to Climate Compatible Growth. They aim to regularly meet in order to catalyse a collaborative commmunity of practice and support existing initiatives. SIGs will have at least two members from the partner country and hold a Design Studio or workshop to explore potential projects.

The National Partnerships team identifies key stakeholders within partner countries who are committed to achieving Climate Compatible Growth. The team supports the ability of these key researchers, influencers, and decision-makers to enhance Climate Compatible Growth in their countries by making available the evidence-based decision-making tools and processes produced through the CCG programme.

Examples of visits to CCG Partner Countries in November 2022 can be viewed in the newsletter here:

The National Partnerships Approach

CCG Kenya Network

The CCG Kenya Network logo including the logos of CCG, the Centre for Global Equality, and Strathmore University, Nairobi

In October 2021, CCG signed a collaboration agreement with Strathmore University, Nairobi, to form the CCG Kenya Network. Dr Martin Mutembei has been hired as the CCG Kenya Network Coordinator and will support the formation of four Kenya network Special Interest Groups (SIGs):

  • Low-carbon Transport
  • Policy Pathways
  • Energy Planning
  • Cleaning Cooking

The first two of these SIGs stemmed from the Kenya Design Studio, held 22nd and 23rd March 2021. This meeting included members of the CCG National Partnerships and Research teams, as well as Kenyan stakeholders. The latter two SIGs are a result of Kenya Rapid Response Facility (RRF) requests.

CCG Lao PDR Network

The CCG Lao PDR Network logo including the logos of CCG, the Centre for Global Equality, and the National University of Laos

In December 2021, CCG signed a collaboration agreement with the National University of Laos to form the CCG Lao PDR Network. Professor Khamphone Nanthavong and Orlavanh Sonesouphap being hired as the CCG Lao PDR Network Coordinators and are supporting the formation of five Lao PDR SIGs and projects. Currently two are up and running:

  • Low-carbon Transport
  • Energy Planning