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Image of the flag of Papua New Guinea

Week 89: Two COP27 Policy Briefs; Job Opportunity- STEER Project Manager (CCG); and a Starter Data Kit for Papua New Guinea

A card for the announcement of four COP27 Policy Briefs. The image mainly consists of the cover pages and titles of the four briefs. The background starts blue on the left and blends to red on the right.

Week 88: Announcing Climate Compatible Growth’s COP27 Side Events; Publication of CCG COP27 Policy Briefs; High Volume Transport Workshops; and the EMP-LAC virtual event

A simplified version of Figure 6 from the paper "Climate, Land, Energy and Water systems interactions – From key concepts to model implementation with OSeMOSYS"

The figure shows the different interactions between Climate, Land, Energy and Water. E.g. Water for agriculture links water to land.

Week 87: The First Energy Modelling Platform (LAC) meeting; Climate, Land, Energy and Water systems interactions; and Data Data Data- Catchup Video

Image of the flag of South Sudan

Week 86: Behavioural factors that drive stacking with traditional cooking fuels; Job Opportunity: Research Fellow in Policies for Climate Compatible Development at UCL; and a Starter Kit for South Sudan

Week 85: Enabling Environments for E-Mobility and Renewable Energy Integration in Southeast Asia; a Job Opportunity; and “What is the role of Universities”: Catchup Video

Image of the flag of Uruguay

Week 84: Supporting a self-sustained energy planning ecosystem; a Job Opportunity; EMP-LAC Introduction Week [online]; a Starter-Kit for Uruguay; and a Centre for Research into Energy Demand Solutions Webinar

An image representing some of the different components of the course. On the left-hand side is the outline of a bulb. The socket contains icons of different energy sources, and the glass has the decades counting down. On the right-hand side is a map with Latin America and the Caribbean shaded in. Finally the event title, date and tools are included.

Week 83: Energy Modelling Platform; OSeMOSYS Community; Watch Session 5 from the ICTP Joint Summer School; and a Job Opportunities with Modern Energy and Cooking Services

This image is titled "Rural home annotation dataset mapped by citizen scientists in satellite imagery". Image shows a green area with trees and grass, alongside a dirt pathways with white squares.

Week 82: Rural Home Annotation Dataset Mapped by Citizen Scientists in Satellite Imagery; Job Opportunity- Postdoctoral Research Assistant; and Starter-Kits for Mozambique

This image is titled "Power to the people: applying citizen science and computer vision to home mapping for rural energy access". Including graphics of sattlite imagery, indicating home annotations and automated mapping.

Week 81: Applying citizen science and computer vision to home mapping for rural energy access; Watch Session 4 from the ICTP Joint Summer School; and Starter-Kits for South Korea

This image shows two maps of Kenya, with the CCG logo and UKAid logo. Image titled "Increasing spatial and temporal resolution in an energy system optimization model- the case of Kenya".

Week 79: Increasing spatial and temporal resolution in an energy system optimization model; ICTP Summer School High-Level Meeting – Session 3; and a Starter-Kit for Mali

An image titled "OSeMOSYS GLOBAL: Interactive Platform", image of a map of India with infographics of pie charts overlayed. Logos of CCG, UKAid, GGI.

Week 78: OSeMOSYS Global Interactive Platform; COP27 Policy Brief Update; and a Starter-Kit for Paraguay

An infographic with various stats about the courses, such as:
6 Tracks on different modelling tools;
70 Certificates issued to partipants all over the world;
100% of participants would recommend the course to others;
93% think the training will be useful for their daily work;
34% of participants were female;

The graphic also breaks down the participant's organisations (student 28.3%, public sector 26.4%, academia 24.%%, not-for-profit 11.3%, private sector 9.4%).

Week 77: Stats from the 2022 ICTP Joint Summer School on Modelling Tools for Sustainable Development; Learn about CCG’s involvement with the UK’s Energy Transition Council; and a Starter-Kit for Taiwan

This image features a map of the world with interconnected orange points. Image titled "OSeMOSYS GLOBAL: An open-source, open data global electricity system model generator".

Week 76: OSeMOSYS Global; National Case Studies for a sustainable energy transition; and a Starter-Kit for Colombia

A background image of a canal in Trieste, Italy, with a red filter and overlaid with the following text: High-Level meeting for the ICTP Joint Summer School on Modelling Tools for Sustainble Development - 16th June 2022 - Online and at the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy.

Week 75: A high-level meeting to end the ICTP Joint Summer School; COP26 Catchup Video – Climate Finance for Grid investments; and a Starter-Kit for Burundi

Image of attendees at the CCG Lao PDR Network Workshop

Week 74: CCG Lao PDR Network Workshop; The Green Grids Initiative Catchup Video; and a Starter-Kit for Thailand

Image showing icons of a car, tra, plane, lorry and other transport icons. CCG, UKAid, and SLOCAT logos.

Week 73: CCG Transport Data for Starter Data Kits; Integrated Climate Resilience: Catchup Video; and a Starter-Kit for Bolivia

Image titled "Transport-Energy Database: Kenya", logo of CCG and UKaid.

Week 72: UN ESCAP Seventy-eighth session of the Commission; Transport-Energy Database: Kenya; COP26 Catchup Video; and a Starter-Kit for Malaysia

Flag of Guinea

Week 71: The Resource Curse in Renewable Energy; Launch of the Strategic Energy Planning Principles: Catchup Video; and a Starter-Kit for Guinea

Image titled "Green hydrogen for development. An alternative to natural gas. Logo of CCG and UKAID. Background image of the document split into many pages.

Week 70: Green Hydrogen for Development; Call for Papers on Energy Systems Modelling; and a Starter-Kit for Chile

Image of people walking in a urban public space. Text of "CREDS" in the lower left of the image.

Week 69: Potential Implications of High Fossil Fuel Prices; IPCC findings on Energy Demand Reductions; and Green Grids and the case for cross-border trade of renewable energy

Image of people on motobikes and cars on the left. Image title of "Transport-energy database: Lagos". Flag of Lagos inside a outline of lagos. Logo of CCG.

Week 68: Call For Evidence; Transport-Energy Database: Laos; Accelerated low carbon COVID Recovery: Catchup Video; and a Starter-Kit for Ethiopia

Image titled "Zambia CCG Inception workshop", with the CCG logo and Zambian flag. Image of a group of people outside in front of a building and trees.

Week 66: Zambia CCG Network Inception Workshop; the methodology for creating Starter Data Kits; and a Starter Data Kit for Chad

Image titled "Investigating the Climate, Land-use, energy, water nexus for hydropower plants in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Background image of Indoesia, with a cog wheel and water drop icon overlayed. CCG logo in the top right of the image.

Week 65: A COP26 Policy Brief for Indonesia; Session 4 Catch Up Video from COP26; and a Starter Data Kit for Zimbabwe

Background image of the Kenyan flag, with an image of a group of people in the middle. Logos of CCG, Centre for Global Equality, and Strathmore University.

Week 64: CCG Kenya Network Annual Workshop 2022, How climate policies can translate to tangible change, a Job Opportunity: Programme Manager Climate Compatible Growth Programme, and a Survey

Image titled " COP26 Energy, Policy Brief. 'The Failure' of Micro-Hyrdo technology in Central Java". Image shows a hut and green area with trees.

Week 63: COP26 Policy Brief for Central Java; SuM4All: Rebalancing the electromobility – Video of Session 3 from COP26 Side Events, and an Energy and Decarbonization Starter-Kit for Benin

A 'We are Hiring' image with the job title. "Programme manager climate compatible growth programme". Graphic of the world in the background with CCG colours (red and blue) alongside the CCG logo, UK aid logo and Loughborough university logo.

Week 62: Job Opportunity; a COP26 Policy Brief on the iron and steel industry in India, and an Energy and Decarbonization Starter-Kit for Argentina

Title of "The Role of Active Travel', subheading of "Looking beyond the (EV) Horizon", and "Recap: transforming transportation 2022 conference". Image of artists representation of interconnected roads with a colour changing gradient background.

Week 61: Looking beyond the (EV) horizon; Video of Launch of the HDMM under a new Multi-donor Trust Fund, and an Energy and Decarbonization Starter-Kit for Argentina

Title of "clicSAND for OSeMOSYS", subheading of "An interface for energy planning that is Simple And Nearly Done". CCG logo in the top left corner, background image of a group of people in an office environment around a table from above.

Week 60: clicSAND for OSeMOSYS: a user-friendly interface for energy system modelling analysis; Call for Papers on Energy Systems Modelling for Planning in Africa and Small Island Countries, and a Starter Kit for Libya

A world map with the countries covered by starter data kits shaded in.

Week 59: Pre-print on ‘Starter Data Kits’; Bank climate actions and their implications for the coal power sector; the Session 2 recording from COP26, and the Lee Schipper Memorial Scholarship

A 'We are Hiring' image with the job title. "Short-term Communications Consultant for the Climate Compatible Growth Programme". The image is a generic background with CCG colours (red and blue) and some icons related to communications.

Week 58: Job Opportunity: Short-term Communications Consultant for CCG; COP26 Policy Brief for Indonesia, and an Energy and Decarbonization Starter-Kit for Senegal

Flag of the Philippines.

Week 57: COP26 Policy brief: micro-hydro and public engagement in Indonesia; Ecosystem for Change – catch up on YouTube; and a starter data kit for the Philippines

The logo of the new Lao PDR CCG Network, with the logo of CCG, UKAid, The Centre for Global Equality and the National University of Laos.

Week 56: Announcing the Lao PDR CCG Network; a COP26 Policy brief on India; and a starter data kit for Myanmar

Base image is the flag of Uganda, image on top as if it is being peeled off shows key words such as 'Uganda', 'Women', 'Men', 'Security'.

Week 55: Gender-inclusivity in energy service design; a job opportunity for a short-term research consultant (Vietnam); and a starter data kit for Venezuela

An artistic image with the papers of the report on the right and the working paper title on the left. The title is Making E-Mobility and Renewable Integration Work in Asia and the Pacific and it is part of the CCG Working Paper Series: E-Mobility and Renewable Energy Integration

Week 54: Job Opportunity: Short-term Researcher, Making E-Mobility and Renewable Integration Work in Asia and the Pacific, a COP26 Policy Brief for Bangladesh, and a Starter data kit for Indonesia

A graphic of the Geographic Distribution of Nigeria’s Energy Portfolio including Concentrating Solar Power, Hydropower, Wind, Natural Gas, and Coal. This graphic is taken from Sambo, A. S. The place of renewable energy in the Nigerian energy sector. Presented at the world Future Council Workshop on Renewable Energy Policies, 10th October, 2009, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Week 53: Seven reasons global transport is so hard to decarbonise, and a COP26 Policy Brief and Starter data kit for Nigeria

A ring-shaped collage of some images from CCG stories of 2021.

Happy New Year!

A decorative image featuring a play button icon and the CCG and UK Aid logo

Week 50: New CCG Youtube Channel! Energy Modelling Platform for Africa (EMP-A) High-level Meeting, and a CO2P6 Policy Brief for Brazil

An stylized map highlighting the Caribbean and Latin America. Also includes the title of the brief: Prospects for Climate Compatible Recoveries in Latin America
and the Caribbean.

Week 49: Two CCG Policy Briefs, and an Energy and Decarbonization Starter-Kit for Vietnam

Left half of the image has the title, 'Electromobility in the Global South: An equitable transition toward road transport passenger transport decarbonisation. Also on the left half is the Sustainable Mobility for all logo and some icons relating to renewable and clean transport. The right half has the title, E-Mobility factors in the global south. It shows a circlce diagram title global south context.

Week 48: Announcing the Kenya CCG Network, SuM4All Discussion Paper, and a COP26 Policy Brief: A holistic framework for reshaping urban energy infrastructure, Case Study of Cairo, Egypt

Image of a world map with justice risks overlayed in circles around the map. Title of "Policy Brief, Increased risk in energy investment strategies due to demands for societal justice".

Week 47: Energy Modelling Platform for Africa (EMP-A), COP26 Policy Brief Regarding Risk in Investment Strategies, and a COP26 Policy Brief Concerning Electric Mobility in Developing Economies

Title of "Policy Brief: bioethanol impact on climate, land, energy, and wat er resources in the Phlippines. Image of some bamboo.

Week 46: Potential Climate Risks for Meeting Zimbabwe’s NDC Goals, a COP26 Policy Brief regarding Bioethanol Impact on resources in the Philippines, and a COP26 Policy Brief on COVID-19 Recovery in Zambia

Title of, "Policy Brief: Rethinkingi a new transition finance paradigm for adressing the climate crisis in Africa". Image showing a Green Energy Geothermal plant at Olkaria, Kenya.

Week 45: COP26 Policy Briefs for Morocco and Africa, and a Job Opportunity: Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Geospatial Energy System modelling

Title of, "Climate finance for grid investments in emerging and developing econmies.  COP26 Glasgow, 2021". Also shows the CCG logo, COP26 logo, and a preview of some of the pages from the report.

Week 43: Climate Finance For Grid Investments In Emerging And Developing Economies (EMDEs), and Climate Compatible Growth: 12 COP26 Side Events

Title of "12 COP26 side events: clean energy, decarbonising transport, green investment. 03 November- 05 November 2021. Strathclyde University and online. Logos of COP26, CCG, University of Oxford, UCL, Open Univeristy, KTH, Climate Parliament, Imperial College London, University of Cambridge, Loughborough University, Centre for Global Equality, and the UK Aid logo.

Week 42: Climate Compatible Growth: 12 COP26 Side Events, and two COP26 Policy Briefs for Morocco

Week 41: 12 COP26 Side Events, Energy Modelling Platform for Africa, and COP26 Policy Brief: Trade-offs between Mitigation and Development Objectives for South Africa

Title of, "Policy Brief: Empowering the renewnable energy and transport nexus in small island developing states". Photo of some houses with metal roofs, solar panels in the foreground.

Week 40: Can electric vehicles be good for Sub-Saharan Africa? Second United Nations Global Sustainable Transport Conference, and a COP26 Policy Brief

Title of, "Green grids initiative, one sun one world one grid". Subheading of " Green grids initiative - one sun one world one grid, Northwest Europe Cooperative Event. Mon 11 Oct - Tue 12 Oct 2021". Logo of the Green grids intiative in the top left.

Week 39: Green Grids Initiative – One Sun One World One Grid, COP26 Policy Brief, and CCG Kick-off at Loughborough University

A map of Burkina Faso showing population distribution alongside distance to Medium-Voltage electicity lines. Logo of CCG in the top left hand side.

Week 38: Infrastructure and Climate Resilience Course, a Scenario Discovery Approach to Least-cost Electrification Modelling, and a COP26 Energy Policy Brief

We are hiring sign, background image of Oxford University Centre for the Environment.

Week 37: New Starter Data Kits Available for South America, COP26 Energy Policy Briefing, and a Job Opportunity: Seeking a Research Associate in Climate Compatible Growth

Title of "Spatial divergence of south Africa's energy transition". Image of coal on the left and solar panels on the right. Icon shows a builder with a pickaxe in their left hand and a solar panel on their right.

Week 36: COP26 Energy Policy Briefings for South Africa, and an Energy and Decarbonization Starter-Kit for South Africa

Title of "Policy Brief: Prevalence of different lighting technologies across Kenyan sub-countries". Figure shows percentage of households using different energy sources for light. Sources included electricity, solar PV, PV lantern, paraffin lantern, dry cell lantern, wood.

Week 35: COP26 Energy Policy Briefings: Rapid electrification and Mini-grids in Keyna, and an Energy and Decarbonization Starter-Kit for Kenya

Title of "Policy Brief: Generation expansion planning with renewable energy target and interconnection options: The case study of Sulawesi Region, Indonesia". Image shows a map of Indoesia, highlighted in red.

Week 34: COP26 Energy Policy Briefings for Indonesia, and an Energy and Decarbonization Starter-Kit for Indonesia

Title of "Materials used to build electricity generation systems in Africa based on scenarios explored in this brief". Image shows three graphs of material mass against time (2020-2060) for the three scenarios: 1.5 degrees C, 2 degrees C, and Reference.

Week 33: COP26 Energy Policy Briefings, and an Energy and Decarbonization Starter-Kit for Cameroon

Icons of a power plant on the left, an electricity bolt in the middle, and wind turbines and solar panels on the right. Blue background.

Week 32: COP26 Energy Policy Brief: Coal Phase Out, Starter Data kit for Laos, and an Electrification Investment Outlook for Gabon

Map of Liberia from the Global Electification Platform, shows an array of data, including investment required and population connected.

Week 31: COP26 Energy Policy Briefings, Starter Data kit for Ghana, and an Electrification Investment Outlook for Liberia

Icon of a start button in the middle. Background shows many flags from South-East/East Asian countries.

Week 30: New Starter Data Kits for South-East/East Asia, Follow #CCGResearch on Social Media, and an Electrification Investment Outlook for Chad

An online meeting from the Energy Transition Council, shows many people in the meeting on webcams.

Week 29: Energy Transition Council Meeting, Green Grids Initiative (GGI), and an Electrification Investment Outlook for Mali

UN Climate Change conference UK 2021 logo, in partnership with Italy.

Week 28: COP26 Policy Briefings, Video from SuM4All Consortium, and Starter Data Kits for Botswana

Logo of the Gulf Cooperation Council and the flag of India being joined together like a puzzle piece. Map of the world in the background.

Week 27: Gulf-India Undersea Connector, GLUCOSE: New, simple, open global integrated assessment model, and a Starter-Kit for Egypt

Logos of the UN on the left, and the Sustainable energy for all on the right. Text underneath states "Damilola Ogunbiyi, CEO and special representative of the UN sectratary-general for Sustainable energy for all and co-chair for UN-energy".

Week 26: High-Level Dialogue of the SDSummerSchool 2021, The Road to Electric Transport, and a Starter-Kit for Angola

White background with the text of: "Green, fair, future. The road to electric transport. Equity and inclusivity in electric vehicles. Tuesday 6 July 2021, 12:00 - 17:00 GMT + 1". Speakers of Mark Howells, Jón Ásgeir Haukdal þorvaldsson, Akshima T. Ghate, and Dimpy Suneja. Ofgem logo in the top right corner.

Week 25: UN High-level Energy Dialogue, Ofgem Road to Electric Transport, and a CCG job opportunity with Imperial College

Background image of a green field, icon of the globe with renewable energy icons across the image. Text of: "The 11th Consortium meeting (Virtual). Perpective, Challenges and opportunities for an equitable transition toward decarbonization. 29 June 2021, 8:00am to 10:00am EST. Sustainable Mobility for All logo at the bottom.

Week 24: Sum4All Consortium meeting, New CCG course: Introduction to CLEWs, and Starter-Kit for Namibia

Image of a sand and a river. Text of [SAND] in the middle, with a subheading of "Simple and Nearly Done Energy modelling".

Week 23: New software ClicSAND, Starter Data Kits for Algeria, and Electrify Honduras

Red background, white outline of Tunisia in the middle. Icon of the tunisian flag in the middle, and text of "Tunisia".

Week 22: Post-pandemic scenarios for Tunisia, Starter data kits for Morocco, and Electrify Papua New Guinea

Word Cloud of OSeMOSYS forum.

Week 21: Build a community of practice, Starter data kits for Ghana, and Electrify Uganda

Icon of a car, half with carbon dioxide being emmited, the other electric with a plug coming out of the car to indicate that it is electric powered.

Week 20: Joint Summer School on Modelling Tools, Starter data kits for Zambia, and CCG on South Africa FM

Background image of a man at a laptop. Text overlayed of: "Virtual Meeting. Joint summer school on modelling tools for sustainable development. 14 Jun 2021 - 2 Jul 2021. Logo of ICTP, and a smaller image of the Summer school 2019.

Week 19: Joint Summer School on Modelling Tools, FINPLAN for Financial modelling, and Electrification of South Africa

Text of "Energy and Flexibility Modelling. The views expressed in this material do not necessarily reflect the UK government's official policies", also includes affiliations box, UK aid logo, optimus and ICTP logos, and the CCG logo, Loughborough Unviersity logo, and Imperial College London logo.

Week 18: Energy flexibility assessments with FlexTool, Global coal phase out, and Electrification of Ethiopia

Flag of Laos.

Week 17: Lao dialogue at the Energy Transition Council, Electrification of Burundi, and open source energy modelling system OSeMOSYS

The Global Electrification Platform on Tunisia

Week 15: Job creation in Tunisia (pt. 2), a Model for the analysis of Energy Demand (MAED), and Electrification of Burkina Faso

Couse title for "Energy Balance Studio and M.A.E.D. The views expressed in this material do not necessarily reflect the UK government's official policies", also includes affiliations box, UK aid logo, optimus and ICTP logos, and the IAEA logo.

Week 14: Electrification of Benin, Build an Energy Balance with EBS, and a Tunisian Input-output energy model (pt. 1)

Image taken from Zoom of the Virtual Design Studio.

Week 12: Electrification of Nigeria, CCG’s virtual Design Studio with Kenya, and Discussions with the Ministry of Energy, Ghana

A dusty scene of a road on the Kenyan landscape to depict the modelled electrification of Kenya through the Global Electrification Platform

Week 11: Electrification of Kenya, Data to assess investment models, and Planning for Post-Pandemic Rebound

An image of a hydropower plant

Week 10: Increasing Hydro Trade in Latin America, Electrification in Ethiopia, and Good Governance

Image of the United Nations Logo and the UN High-level dialogue on energy logo

Week 6: Electrification of Cambodia, UN’s dialogue on Energy, and Climate Compatible Growth

An image showing the Global Electrification Platform's outlook for Pakistan.

Week 5: Accelerated COVID recovery, an info note, and an electrification investment outlook for Pakistan.