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COP27 Policy Briefs

A word cloud derived from the titles of the COP27 Policy Briefs

Following on from the success of last year’s call for evidence for COP26, CCG has been asked by the
Energy Transition Council (ETC) to assemble and synthesize academic evidence on priority topics to support ETC goals in the lead up to COP27. The call focused on policy briefs that can have an impact on policymakers at COP27 and on areas of geographic interest for the ETC and CCG.

During September and October we will be publishing the policy briefs. The first are available now.

Dr Stephanie Hirmer (Oxford University) and Prof. Jim Watson (University College London) have led the curation of this policy brief series. The policy briefs underwent an anonymous (double blind) peer-review process. They were edited by Simon Patterson (Loughborough University) and designed by Sarel Greyling (Sarel Greyling Creative). This material has been produced under and received funding from the Climate Compatible Growth (CCG) programme, which brings together leading research organizations and is led out of the STEER centre, Loughborough University. CCG is funded by UK aid from the UK government. However, the views expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the UK government’s official policies

Policy Briefs

Enabling Southern Africa’s Transition to a Low-Carbon Electricity System 
Policy Brief download]

Ranjit Deshmukh (University of California Santa Barbara), Kudakwashe Ndhlukula (Centre for Renewable Energy and Efficiency), Grace Wu (University of California Santa Barbara), and AFM Kamal Chowdhury (University of Maryland).

Off-grid Renewable Energy Investment in Zambia: Demand-side and Sub-national Constraints
[Policy Brief download]

Mashekwa Maboshe (University of Zambia), Sam Bickersteth (The Policy Practice), Stephanie Hirmer (University of Oxford).

Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East Region:
Enhancing Decarbonization of Power Generation Through Electricity Trade 
[Policy Brief download]

Constantinos Taliotis (The Cyprus Institute), Marios Karmellos (The Cyprus Institute), Nestor Fylaktos (The Cyprus Institute), and Theodoros Zachariadis (The Cyprus Institute).

Energy Planning in Kenya: Understanding Perceptions of Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI)
[Policy Brief download]

Lucille Onyango (Independent Gender Consultant), Stephanie Hirmer (University of Oxford), and Julia Tomei (University College London).

Reflections on COP26 for Africa and Zambia: where to next?
[Policy Brief download]

Julia Tomei (Institute for Sustainable Resources (ISR), University College London (UCL)), Mulima Mubanga (Zambia Institute for Policy Analysis & Research), Meron Tesfamichael (Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy (STEaPP), UCL), Lucas Somavilla (STEaPP, UCL), Michal Miedzinski (ISR, UCL), and Yacob Mulugetta (STEaPP, UCL).

How can Lao PDR become the Low-Carbon “Battery of Asia”?
[Policy Brief download]

Karla Cervantes Barron (University of Cambridge), Ramit Debnath (University of Cambridge), and Jonathan M Cullen (University of Cambridge). 

Barriers and Policy Solutions for Off-Grid Energy Development: Evidence from a Comparative Survey of Private Sector Developers in Eastern Africa
[Policy Brief download] [Supplement]

Marc Jeuland (Duke University), Abebe Beyene (Policy Studies Institute) Peter Babyenda (Makerere University), Gabriel Hinju (University of Dar es Salaam), Richard Mulwa (University of Nairobi), Jonathan Phillips (Duke University), and Samuel Zewdie (Policy Studies Institute).

De-risking off-grid electrification finance and fostering standalone system deployment policies are key to achieving SDG7 [sub-Saharan Africa focus]
[Policy Brief download]

Churchill Agutu (ETH Zurich and Kigali Collaborative Research Centre), Florian Egli (ETH Zurich and UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose), Bjarne Steffen (ETH Zurich), and Tobias S. Schmidt (ETH Zurich)

Models for energy and transport policymaking in Zambia
[Policy Brief download]

Bernard Tembo (Independent Consultant), Steve Pye (University College London), Jennifer Cronin (University College London), and Ariane Millot (Imperial College London).

Integrated Energy Planning to End the Energy–Poverty Nexus
[Policy Brief download]

Clark A. Miller (Arizona State University), Saurabh Biswas (Arizona State University), Wilbourne Showers (Centre for Economic Research and Capacity Building), Nalini Chhetri (Arizona State University), Netra Chhetri (Arizona State University), and BrieAnne Davis (Arizona State University).

The market environment for enabling growth of clean energy in Zambia
[Policy Brief download]

Bothwell Batidzirai (Independent Consultant), Bernard Tembo (Independent Consultant), Meron Tesfamichael (University College London), James Dixon (University of Oxford), John Hine (Independent Consultant), Samuel Fankhauser (University of Oxford), and Stefanie Hirmer (University of Oxford)

Impact of Cost Decline of Renewable Technologies on Cross-Border Electricity Trade in the South Asia Region
[Policy Brief download]

Jyoti K. Parikh (Integrated Research and Action for Development (IRADe)), Vinay Saini (IRADe), and Navpreet Saini (IRADe)

A data driven approach to integrated, inclusive sub-national energy planning in Kenya
[Policy Brief download]

Victor Otieno (Strathmore Energy Research Centre), Douglas Ronoh (World Resources Institute), Dimitris Mentis (World Resources Institute), Sarah Odera (World Resources Institute), and Benson Ireri (Strathmore Energy Research Centre)

Beyond Devolution: unlocking county energy departments’ policy capacity in Kenya
[Policy Brief download]

Meron Tesfamichael (Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy (STEaPP), UCL), and Emmanuel N. Cyoy (Independent Research, Kenya)

Policy and legal framework for renewable energy in Zambia: Opportunities and Challenges
[Policy Brief download]

Felix Kanungwe Kalaba (Copperbelt University, Envirosmart), Andrew Chilombo (Envirosmart), and Humphrey Kaoma (Envirosmart)

Supporting integrated energy planning at the sub-national level – The Case of Kenya
[Policy Brief download]

Murefu Barasa (EED Advisory), Sam Bickersteth (The Policy Practice), and Stephanie Hirmer (University of Oxford)

Improving access to renewable energy in rural Sierra Leone
[Policy Brief download]

Madison Levine (Wageningen University), Niccolo Meriggi (IGC Sierra Leone), Mushfiq Mobarak (Yale University and Y-RISE), Vasudha Ramakrishna (Yale University), Lennart Sattlegger (Wageningen University), Maarten Voors (Wageningen University), Ariful Islam (UNOPS), Sellu Kallon (Wageningen University), and Julia Liborio (International Growth Center)

PV supply chain readiness to support the 2060 Net Zero Emission Goal in Indonesia
[Policy Brief download]

Bertha M. Sopha (Universitas Gadjah Mada), Wangi P. Sari (Universitas Gadjah Mada), Dwi Novitasari (Universitas Gadjah Mada), Rachmawan Budiarto (Universitas Gadjah Mada), and Sarjiya (Universitas Gadjah Mada) 

Securing sustainability and access to energy in low- and middle-income countries: opportunities for the ‘Hayah Karima’ programme in Egypt
[Policy Brief download]

Yesmeen Khalifa (Loughborough University), Sharon George (Keele University), and Philip Catney (Keele University)

Alternative Energy for Cooking in Zambia: Towards a Sustainable Energy Transition
[Policy Brief download]

Charles B Chisanga (Copperbelt University), Kabwe H Mubanga (University of Zambia), Clement Sichimwa (University of Zambia), Edson Nkonde (Ministry of Green Economy and Environment), and Fiona M. C Mambwe (Sustainable Ecosolutions)

Sub-Sahra Africa’s Transition to Net-Zero: Electricity Sector Investment Insights and Opportunities
[Policy Brief download]

Raphael Apeaning (Stony Brook University), Mohammed R. Osman (Stony Brook University)

The Political Economy of Power Planning in Kenya
[Policy Brief download]

Elsie Onsongo (Nuvoni Centre for Innovation Research), Elusiyan Lufemi Eludoyin (University College London), Meron Tesfamichael (University College London), and Julia Tomei (University College London)