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COP26 Policy Briefs

Policy briefs sorted by region (green text) or country (blue text). 1–5 refers to the topic. A–L the specific brief within that topic.

The Climate Compatible Growth programme is supporting preparations for the UNFCCC climate change summit (COP26), which will be held in Glasgow in November 2021. This includes bridging the gap between in-depth academic research and the practical needs of policy makers. To do this, CCG has commissioned academic evidence on five critical topics which are directly relevant to the Energy Transition Council dialogues that the UK government is leading during 2021 (UK Government Press Release). This evidence is being published initially as a series of CCG policy briefings, with longer peer-reviewed academic papers to follow. The process has been convened by Prof Jim Watson and Dr Stephanie Hirmer.

You can learn more about this process and a hear from the authors of a few of the briefs by watching our session at the CCG COP26 Side Events on YouTube.

We have just announced a similar call for Evidence for Climate Compatible growth for COP27 and the Energy Transition Council. The first policy briefs for COP27 have now been published.



1) Renewables integration into reliable, secure electricity systems, including the future design of markets that take account of changes in technology and decentralization


2) Regional collaboration to achieve climate compatible growth, including international electricity grids


3) Financing the low carbon transition, including shifting away from coal-fired power 


4) Political, economic and energy system implications of a transition to clean transport 


5) The political economy of energy system transitions 

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