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Starter Kits

Developing a national decarbonisation strategy requires significant investment – often from donors paying consultants. The first investment is to develop a set of data and an initial investment model. 

After this, analysis can be quickly updated, adapted, adopted and applied. That analysis can be used to set clear quantified policy targets and underpin loan applications. It can also be incorporated into fast policy analysis, and slower burn academic processes. 

CCG with partners are co-creating and providing free ‘starter kits’ for most developing country geographies to help kickstart this process. They will be useful for development partners, consultancies, national investment analysts and academics. And, can be used to facilitate a number of engagements between countries and support organisations (many of whom are supported by, or partners with, the UK). 

CountryContinentDataset ZenodoPre-print ResearchSquareData in Brief Elsevier
AlgeriaAfricaLINKLINKComing Soon
AngolaAfricaLINKLINKComing Soon
BeninAfricaLINKLINKComing Soon
BotswanaAfricaLINKLINKComing Soon
Burkina FasoAfricaLINKLINKComing Soon
BurundiAfricaLINKLINKComing Soon
CameroonAfricaLINKLINKComing Soon
Central African RepublicAfricaLINKLINKComing Soon
ChadAfricaLINKLINKComing Soon
Cote d'IvoireAfricaLINKLINKComing Soon
Democratic Republic of CongoAfricaLINKLINKComing Soon
DjiboutiAfricaLINKLINKComing Soon
EgyptAfricaLINKLINKComing Soon
Equatorial GuineaAfricaLINKLINKComing Soon
EritreaAfricaLINKLINKComing Soon
EswatiniAfricaLINKLINKComing Soon
EthiopiaAfricaLINKLINKComing Soon
GabonAfricaLINKLINKComing Soon
GambiaAfricaLINKLINKComing Soon
GhanaAfricaLINKLINKComing Soon
GuineaAfricaLINKLINKComing Soon
Guinea-BissauAfricaLINKLINKComing Soon
KenyaAfricaLINKLINKComing Soon
LesothoAfricaLINKLINKComing Soon
LiberiaAfricaLINKLINKComing Soon
LibyaAfricaLINKLINKComing Soon
MalawiAfricaLINKLINKComing Soon
MaliAfricaLINKLINKComing Soon
MauritaniaAfricaLINKLINKComing Soon
MoroccoAfricaLINKLINKComing Soon
MozambiqueAfricaLINKLINKComing Soon
NamibiaAfricaLINKLINKComing Soon
NigerAfricaLINKLINKComing Soon
NigeriaAfricaLINKLINKComing Soon
Republic of CongoAfricaLINKLINKComing Soon
RwandaAfricaLINKLINKComing Soon
SenegalAfricaLINKLINKComing Soon
Sierra LeoneAfricaLINKLINKComing Soon
SomaliaAfricaLINKLINKComing Soon
South AfricaAfricaLINKLINKComing Soon
South SudanAfricaLINKLINKComing Soon
SudanAfricaLINKLINKComing Soon
TanzaniaAfricaLINKLINKComing Soon
TogoAfricaLINKLINKComing Soon
TunisiaAfricaLINKLINKComing Soon
UgandaAfricaLINKLINKComing Soon
ZambiaAfricaLINKLINKComing Soon
ZimbabweAfricaLINKLINKComing Soon

Photo Credit: Sebastien Bonneval/Unsplash