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Journal Articles

Painting on the floor of an electric car with a green background

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2022 Jul: Behavioural factors that drive stacking with traditional cooking fuels using the COM-B model, Nature Energy.

2022 Apr: Rural Home Annotation Dataset Mapped by Citizen Scientists in Satellite Imagery [data in brief].

2022 Apr: Power to the people: Applying citizen science and computer vision to home mapping for rural energy access.

2022 Mar: Method Article – Designing a zero-order energy transition model: a guide for creating a Starter Data Kit.

2022 Mar: How climate policies can translate to tangible change: Evidence from eleven low- and lower-middle income countries.

2022 Mar: Selected ‘Starter kit’ energy system modelling data for selected countries in Africa, East Asia, and South America (#CCG, 2021) [data in brief].

2021 Dec: The power of language: Exploring values, empowerment dynamics and communication strategies for gender-inclusive energy service design in rural Uganda.

2021 Nov: What next on net zero?

2021 Nov: Can electric vehicles be good for Sub-Saharan Africa?

2021 May: Developing a community of practice around an open source energy modelling tool.

2021 May: Data needed to decarbonise paratransit in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Photo credit: Unsplash/Michael Marais