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Energy Modelling Platform for Africa (EMP-A) 2023

An image of Africa in a copper colour with the partner logos on the left and course information on the right (which is available on the website)

This event has now ended. See our EMP-A page for details about future events.


The main objective of the EMP-A 2023 is to contribute to creating optimised investments for the energy transition in Africa to meet the continent’s growing demand for low-carbon, inclusive, and climate-resilient development pathways whilst accessing its large resource base. It is an excellent opportunity to acquire free training, access to discussion forums, and coaching skills in models and tools for energy planning needs.

To accommodate growing participation and resounding calls for more dedication sessions, all 5 tracks are currently being translated to French to increase accessibility.

EMP-A 2023 will take place from 11th April to 28th April 2023 and is a hybrid event (online and at the University of Namibia). In person training will occur from April 17th – April 28th.

Funding may be available for accommodation and flights to Namibia for successful applicants who apply before the 17th February.

The full concept note is available for download here [PDF]

You can apply to be trained in one of the following energy modelling tools:

  • OSeMOSYS and FlexTool (Windows and MAC OS)
  • CLEWs
  • EBS and MAED
  • OnSSET
  • FinPlan

How to Apply

As part of the application, you will need to complete the Open University course for the tool you wish to be trained in.

For example: if you would like to apply for OSeMOSYS and FlexTool, you would need to complete the course on the Open University website for OSeMOSYS and FlexTool.

Once completed, you will receive a certificate from the Open University. The certificate must be attached to your application form.

All the courses are available free via the Open University (OU) [Links open in a new tab].

Please watch the following video [opens in new tab] to understand how to complete the Open University course.

For full application details, please see section below.

A timeline of the process for EMP-A with deadlines and teaching stages. All the key information is also in the website text.

Application Period – 21st December 22 to 24th March 23

  • 17th February – first deadline for application for participants wanting to travel to Namibia
  • 1st March – first group of applicants get notified of success or failure, of travel funding or online acceptance
  • 17th March – second application deadline for participants wanting to join online training
  • 24th March – notification of success or failure for online applicants.

As above, please note that the certificate for your course must be attached with the application form.

Training Period

  • Induction Session, 7th April, Online
    Information about how the event should be approached and the importance of modelling and its applications. Case Studies examples given
  • 11th April until 14th April – Week 1 of training, Online
    Coaching sessions to be conducted, teaching further modelling knowledge to participants
  • 17th April until 21st April – Week 2 of training, Hybrid
    In depth analysis to be conducted by participants, working on their country case studies
  • 24th April to 26th April – Week 3 of training, Hybrid
    Participants to prepare poster and presentation on their case study
  • 27th April to 28th April – High Level and Roundtable Meetings, Hybrid
    High-Level Meeting on the 27th followed by Roundtable Meeting on the 28th


Please follow the link to apply:
[opens in new tab]

Please note, for you application to be successful you will need to have completed the OU track in your chosen tool. If you are attending the course in person, you will need to bring your own computer that meets the course requirements.

If you have any questions about any part of the EMP-A please get in touch with Rudolf Yeganyan.