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Working Papers

View of the Earth at night from space showing cities as bright areas

November 2022: Mobilising climate finance for grids: Taking stock of current financing approaches. Abhishek Shivakumar, Simone Osei-Owusu, Steve Pye in collaboration with the Green Grids Initiative (GGI) Finance Working Group.

January 2022: Making e-mobility and renewable energy integration work in Asia and the Pacific (Climate Compatible Growth/Asian Development Bank Series on E-Mobility and Renewable Energy Integration). James Dixon, Stephanie Hirmer, Katherine Collett, Philipp Trotter, Holger Dalkmann, Pamela Chiang, John Hine, Jamie Leather, Simon Patterson, Mark Howells (2022).

January 2021: ‘Building Back Better’ in Practice: A Science-Policy Framework for a Green Economic Recovery after COVID-19.

Photo credit: Unsplash/Nasa