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Energy and Economic Growth Applied Research Programme

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Innovative research to inform and transform energy policy

The Applied Research Programme on Energy and Economic Growth (EEG) was a £13 million research programme running from 2016–2022, funded by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO).

EEG and its international research partners studied the links between energy and economic growth in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, working closely with policy makers to understand their challenges, inform decision making, and contribute towards more sustainable, efficient, reliable, and equitable energy systems.

EEG funded over 30 projects across 17 countries on four priority research areas:

  • Efficient & Productive Use – investigating how electricity supplies could be used more productively and energy efficiency could be improved
  • Reliability – researching ways to improve the reliability of electricity systems
  • Renewable Energy – examining ways to utilise natural resources to increase capacity
  • Grid Access – researching the technological and political challenges in connecting people to the grid

During the course of the programme, a wealth of research papers, policy briefs, and policy notes were produced, along with state-of-knowledge papers, Energy Insight reports, and synthesis papers. It is important to ensure long-term access to these publications so they can continue to inform energy policy and investment decisions in low-income countries. CCG will therefore continue to host them – they can be found here.

EEG project pages, which provide a summary of the individual research studies and the findings, as well as links to related project outputs, are also being hosted by CCG, and can be found here.

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