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Green Grids Initiative

The Climate Compatible Growth (CCG) programme will help to advance global collaboration on research into green grids to support the Green Grids Initiative.

On 4 May 2021 the UK and Indian government announced a commitment to collaborate on a 2030 roadmap for the COP26 climate summit and beyond. The roadmap includes a package of measures to help limit global temperature rise, support communities vulnerable to climate change impacts, protect forests, and joint leadership to develop resilient infrastructure in vulnerable countries. For more detailed descriptions of the roadmap see the UK Government’s Press Release or the Policy Paper.

Part of this roadmap includes the intention to “Launch a global Green Grids Initiative at COP26, to include a political declaration by national leaders and increased technical, financial and research cooperation to help deliver India’s vision of One Sun One World One Grid”. This includes increasing construction of infrastructure.

CCG research, in collaboration with CCG international partnerships lead, the Climate Parliament, will further the central aim of the GGI which is to accelerate construction of the new infrastructure needed for a world powered by clean energy.

Climate Finance For Grid Investments In Emerging And Developing Economies

COP26 Glasgow 2021

In collaboration with the climate finance working group of the GGI, CCG has published a paper on how climate finance can be mobilised to meet the large investments needed in grid infrastructure across emerging and developing economies. The paper proposes two key opportunities to unlock such finance; firstly, by making specific changes to criteria on climate finance attribution that would increase the projects funded by international finance organisations, and secondly, an approach to assessing grid project by climate funds, to enable them to provide important concessional financing to further mobilise the investment needed.