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An open-source model of global power grids: OSeMOSYS Global

The Earth with lines showing interconnections between countries

Country power systems are becoming increasingly interconnected. As low cost renewable technology (RET) resources are location specific, setting up interconnecting power transmission systems allow for its export to regions with high demand. This reduces prices for consumers, ramping up economic activity. RET electricity production varies and is not constant. Improved interconnection and market design helps to ‘balance’ out this variability. So that supplies are secure and reliable.

Much of the analytics required to ensure that a country’s imports and exports are secure and economic is not readily available to local decision makers. That makes integrated coordination with other development policy difficult. #CCG breaks this barrier by developing open, free, and accessible tools and scenarios for regional trade. 

This includes country-level information to allow for national analysts to test different scenarios and visions of that trade. Visit the OSeMOSYS webpage or learn how to use the model with free CCG training.

 Image Credit: kjpargeter/Freepik