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George Carew-Jones

Research Associate


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George Carew-Jones is a Research Associate in Climate Finance at the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment (SSEE). His CCG research focusses on the pipeline of climate-focussed investment in developing economies and involves close partnerships with stakeholder institutions in those economies. This work addresses the specific enabling factors that allow for progress in the deployment of sustainable investment. George has a particular focus on Zambia. Before joining the Smith School, George was a Senior Consultant at Element Energy, a low-carbon energy consultancy. In this role he project-managed four large public-private partnerships for the deployment of green hydrogen technology. The projects were co-funded by the European Commission and involved deployment sites across Europe. He holds an MSc in Nature, Society and Environmental Governance (NSEG) and a BA in Geography, both from the University of Oxford. His theses focussed on city-level climate policies. George also has a background in youth-led climate activism, being a Director of the UK Youth Climate Coalition. This voluntary work involves attending UNFCCC-organised conferences to lobby for progressive climate policy and speaking at a variety of public events.