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Kane Alexander

Research Assistant

Centre for Environmental Policy

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Kane is a Research Assistant within the Centre for Environmental Policy at Imperial College London. He is the model curator for CLEWs within the Modelling Tools and Data Business Line. The main responsibility within his role is to lead the Climate, Land, Energy and Water Systems (CLEWs) modelling training at CCG’s capacity building events, which he has done since joining the team in 2022. Alongside this, his role entails development and enhancement of course material for CLEWs training. He has previously worked within the Flexible Research Fund (FRF), helping to manage, organise and improve the FRF process. Kane is soon to be helping develop a community of practice following on from CCG capacity building events and will also support the development of the flatpack programme. Kane holds a Master of Arts in Climate Change, Politics and Policy from Loughborough University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Geography from Loughborough University.