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Roberto Heredia Fonseca

PhD Candidate


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Roberto is a PhD candidate at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, specializing in energy systems modelling and analysis. Roberto’s research focuses on energy system modelling,  integrating renewable energy sources, conventional power plants, storage systems, and demand-side management strategies. Roberto has engaged with CCG partner country Kenya to develop CLEWs models, among other projects in Goa (India), Indonesia, and Ecuador. Roberto has also worked in the Oil and Gas industry, designing production facilities in projects involving complex 3D modelling for two multinational companies based in Ecuador.   In addition to his academic career, Roberto has experience as a lecturer in mechanical engineering subjects. Roberto is passionate about promoting sustainable energy transitions and integration, acknowledging the importance of renewable energy in achieving global climate goals. Roberto studied Mechanical Engineering at the Army Polytechnic School (ESPE) in Ecuador and obtained a Master of Energy Systems from the University of Melbourne in Australia.