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Interfacing national and county energy planning efforts in Kenya

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This project is funded by UK PACT (Partnering for Accelerated Climate Transitions) in Kenya

Our aim

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To mitigate climate change in Kenya, the integration of renewable energy into grid infrastructure must be increased. To do this, Kenya’s energy planning capacity and needs must be coordinated. This project aims to support collaboration of county and national-level energy planning capabilities, while also helping with the exchange of modelling data between different government levels.


An red/purple gradient icon to symbolise the tool at the start of the process. It is symbolised through a gear overlaying a piechart

Improving national energy planning

Developing a fully functional open-source tool for the expansion of power systems. This can help improve planning for investment in the electricity grid.

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Integrated county-level needs

Based on existing county-energy planning frameworks and data requirements for our tools, county-level data will feed into national energy planning.

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Capacity building

The tool, guidelines, and other outputs will be integrated into local institutions through capacity building activities (such as workshops).

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Ensuring good governance procedures

Documentation of workflows and best practices for data curation and sharing will be produced to support future programmes and projects.

Past and upcoming activities

Building models to assess the flexibility of the power grid in Kenya: Capacity Building

As part of our UKPACT project in Kenya, a training workshop was delivered in Nakuru in October 2022.

From this, 4 days were fully dedicated to IRENA’s FlexTool training, in which national energy planners built a model for assessing the flexibility of the Kenyan power grid. This model is intended to be integrated to the national mid-term energy planning.

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OSeMOSYS and FlexTool training

A workshop was delivered from April 25–29 of 2022 to national energy planners to consolidate their knowledge on how to carry out full energy system modelling

Project Partners

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